We provide services in Overland Park, Kansas and surrounding zip codes to include: 66206, 66207, 66209, 66210, 66211, 66212, 66213, 66221, 66223, 66224, and select portions of 66215, 66062, and 66085. If you reside outside of these neighborhoods, just contact us, and we can likely accommodate you. However, please note that there may be a service area charge to account for additional travel time. We also are happy to sit for mixed-pet households on a case-by-case basis.

Meet-and-Greet: This is our opportunity to meet your cat and learn about his or her routine, behavior, and health. This is your opportunity to get to know us, ask questions, and address any concerns so you are fully confident leaving your pet in our care. We kindly request that you have a spare household key available for our safekeeping when we visit. Be prepared to spend 30-45 minutes with us during this visit. We want to be as thorough as possible so we can provide excellent service during your absence. 

$25....30-Minute Daily Visit (mornings & evenings available): During this visit, your cat will be provided with fresh food & water, medication if needed, and a scooped litter box. We will play and snuggle (if the cuddly type!), and we will send a text update with photos to let you know how your fur baby is doing. We can also adjust blinds, lights, and pick up mail upon request.

$35....45-Minute Daily Visit (mornings & evenings available): A longer visit will give your cat a little extra playtime and love especially if you have requested additional household duties.  *If your pet requires longer visits or you have a mixed-pet household, let us know so we can work out individualized pricing. 

$60....Kitty Sleepover: (8:00pm - 6:30am) To ease separation anxiety during longer trips, your cat will appreciate having a caregiver stay overnight to give him or her hours of undivided attention. Your cat will receive an evening and morning feeding during this visit. Scheduling is based on availability. 

$15....Additional House Visit:. If you expect a package to be delivered and don’t want it sitting on your doorstep, we can make another stopover to retrieve it. We can also pick up dry cleaning nearby, water larger outdoor plants, mail packages, and accommodate other small requests to make your return home as easy as possible!  

$20....Vet Visit or Household Emergency: If there is a pet or household emergency we must handle, you will be charged an additional $20/hour. This charge also applies to the pick-up of supplies like food and medication essential to your pet's health while you are gone. Please double-check to make sure that you have stocked up on necessities before you leave! 

$10....Holiday Fee: Care provided on designated holidays - Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day - is subject to an additional $10 fee added to the invoice for that day. 

     Payment Policy:

     Clients will receive an electronic invoice for services that can be paid online through a secure payment processing service with a debit or credit card. We also accept cash and checks. On the last day of scheduled visits with your pet, you will receive an invoice to be paid within five days of receipt, otherwise a $5.00 late fee will be assessed each day thereafter. A handling fee of $25.00 will be added for all returned checks. 

     If you choose to pay before departing and your trip is cancelled 24 hours before services were set to begin, you can apply the credit to future services. You may also request a refund minus a $10.00 processing fee if you paid using a credit card. Payment received in the form of cash or check will not be subject to a processing fee. If you cancel services with less than 24 hours notice, you are responsible for the first visit cost. There are no refunds for services scheduled on a holiday.

     *Please note: A 5 day notice is greatly appreciated if you are a new client! This allows sufficient time to schedule the meet-and-greet and to work out any kinks with regards to household access. For established clients, I will always try to accommodate short-notice requests, but scheduling cannot be guaranteed.